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Tall Succulent in a Tall Cup.  Sorry, no shipping available

Tall Succulent in a Tall Cup. Sorry, no shipping available

$ 35.00

This is THE tuxedo black glaze for the tall tuxedo cordial cup, with a neat, disciplined row of red iron oxide points at its base.  And what do I do to it?  I plant a tall, Bill-the-Cat-looking succulent in it.  Actually, the two compliment each other very well.  THIS IS THE BEST GIFT YOU COULD GIVE TO YOUR GUY FRIEND THIS SEASON.  BAR NONE.  You can give him something to care for, in a minimal way.  He can ignore it, unintentionally, and kill it without remorse, because the cactus is kind of not very attractive to begin with, and it's so small, he could easily have forgotten it behind his toaster.  And then, when he washes out the cup, he'll have a fantastic handmade piece of Suzanne Crane pottery to drink EVERYTHING out of!  His little cup of espresso in the morning; his little cup of tea in the afternoon; his little shots of scotch in the evening.  He will think of you throughout the day!!!  And he will think that you're such a great friend to have though of such a great gift, and so clever to have disguised it with a cactus!  Grab it now: it's the ONLY ONE I HAVE with the tall cactus!  $48.  You need to come to Mud Dauber Pottery in Earlysville to pick it up.

I can make you a tall cordial cup, without the cactus, for $35, and ship it to you.

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